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Colours of Konavle

Picnic with members from Dubrovnik Foreigner Club

Bikers on the road visited us in our park

Marco from Switzerland

Marco and Chris stayed in the park for 10 days


Marko Bradvica is my name. I am a 70 year old hippie. In my younger days I buzzed the planet. After 47 years in Canada I returned to my birth place city of Dubrovnik in Croatia. For me my hometown is too crowded. I am living in the village of Mikulici, district of Konavle 32 km east of Dubrovnik. In the forest near the village we are creating an oasis for true nature lovers. In your adventure of discovering the planet, if your journey brings you to our neighbourhood Mikulici Nature Park welcomes you.

Last autumn we seeded the fields with grass and prepared a small patch for golf range. And this spring we will plant kiwis and some grapes (vines).

We also wish to offer nature excursion for school children and concerts in the park. As we are welcoming foreign guests, this place will also be a gathering place for local people to have picnics and gatherings.