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Colours of Konavle

View from the mountain between Mikulici and Plocice - old cultivated land.

After a fire these beautiful old stone walls showed up.


Konavle, the most southern Croatian region, covers an area of 209 km2, on which there 9500 inhabitants live in 33 smaller and larger settlements. Although it is a relatively small area, we distinguish clearly three completely different parts in Konavle: the rocky coast, the central part – the field and the mountain region.

The northern mountain part, which borders to Bosnia and Herzegovina and to Montenegro, is dominated by the mountain massif of Snijeznica (1234m) and Bjelotina.

The fertile Konavle field represents the central part of Konavle; it stretches over 35 kilometers lengthwise and over 12 kilometers breadthways, and the courses of the rivers Ljuta, Konavicica and Kopacica merge in its central part.

In the central part of the continent belt of Konavle, the vertical steep coast of the Konavle rocks is dominating, whereto in the South the peninsula of Molunat with its coves and the peninsula of Prevlaka at the entry into the Bay of Kotor are attached, and in the West, the Bay of Zupa with its beautiful coves, peninsulas and small islands of Cavtat.

Almost one third of the area of Konavle is covered with forests: in the rocky coastal part, the low forests of machias, pines and cypresses predominate whereas in the northern mountain part you can also find oak and hornbeam forests next to cypresses and machias.